Why B2B rocks and B2C sucks?

Short answer: Because B2B is (usually) customer-centric and B2C is (mostly) campaign-centric.

You’ll hardly find any B2B marketing guy uttering these words - “page views”, “time spent on site”, “campaign optimization”... Most of the time they talk about customers, their lifetime values, and their relationship with brands; it’s amazing; it’s almost always about customers.

B2C on the other hand is always about campaigns, products, PRs, likes, hits, time-spent, whatever… a self-created mess that takes away the focus from where it should really be – “on customers”.

I’m not sure why it’s this way. It doesn’t have to be. It's certainly not technology. We already have the tech. to manage B2C marketing the way we manage B2B marketing and even if something’s missing, how difficult is it for somebody to build a B2C version of Hubspot/Whatsnexx?