One-Minute Guide to Direct Marketing Data Analysis

Are you done solving usability problems (in the name of marketing) on your website? Feel like doing some real (customer) data analysis? Here's a list of things you can start focusing on right away. Found it in the book "Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing"; the list is by Jon Epstein of r-cubed.

  1. Define the ends exactly - only then talk data
  2. Find the 20% of effort that delivers 80% of results
  3. Never talk about the average customers
  4. Deselect your worst customers
  5. Contact your best customers more often
  6. Spend more on new customers and new prospects
  7. Ask your best enquirers and lapsers to come back
  8. Sell when your customer is ready to buy
  9. Keep and use your contact history with individuals
  10. Use silent controls to prove real incremental impact
  11. Ruthlessly keep demanding "why did they do that?"