Social Commerce is like Drive-thru

Really, if you come to think of it…isn’t social commerce much like drive thrus….What are these eCommerce kiosks on Facebook after all?  Facebook (in fact all of social media and maybe the entire web) is like your car. While you are driving, you wanna stay inside your car as much as possible…that’s why they built those drive-thrus.

I think we could come up with some interesting ideas by using this analogy. For instance, if you are taking your car to an unknown place, you’d prefer to have a GPS. I don’t think we have a GPS equivalent for social media, yet! Wouldn’t it be great if we could use a socialGPS to decide before adding somebody (known/unknown) who sends us a request on FB or LI or even to monitor our connections and see if we are in the right company?

The invention of car made our physical journey non-linear, which led business to rethink their customer acquisition strategies – people could live in far away places…so retail shop owners had to move beyond their a-retail-shop-near-every-train-station strategy. On similar lines, social media has made our information/decision journey non-linear; which btw is going have far more powerful consequences on businesses than what non-linear-physical-journey did!!