CX + UX + WA = True Customer-Centricity

Customer centricity is the underlying theme that runs across Customer Experience, User Experience and Web Analytics + all other related fields. However, all of these approaches look at customer-centricity from very different perspectives.
For instance, CX and UX, two similar sounding fields actually lie at two ends of experience continuum, whereas Web Analytics, depending on what you measure, can be used to assess user engagement at tactical level (UX) or to assess customer engagement at strategic level (CX) if combined with database and multi-channel marketing principles.

Traditionally customer experience consultants and user experience consultants have worked in silos. If you don’t agree with me, take a look at Strativity group (CX) and Adaptive Path (UX). You’ll hardly find anything common between their approaches and strategies except that both strive to build engaging customer-centric experiences!!

I’m convinced that a multi-disciplinary team with CX, UX and WA experts can do wonders in creating truly customer centric business.

Imagine what would happen if the following silos were removed:

Understand business needs of customer
Understand visitor motivations
Understand visitor actions
Marketing Data
Qualitative data
Quantitative data
Business Focus
Visitor/user Focused
Data focused
Deal with small to medium scale data sets (market research)
Not trained to work with large datasets
Large data
Brand architectures, CX roadmap; business model redesign to keep customer at centre
Visitor/user personas, wireframes,
Scorecards, KPIs, web analysis
Business, marketing, finance
Sociology, psychology, design
Stats, data mining, CRM