WikiLeaks sets the perfect stage for Gov2.0 adoption

Those who hate WikiLeaks are either:
  • Corrupt politicians
  • or Government conspirators
  • or Companies that have so much at stake that they cannot afford to offend governments.

For everyone else, Julian Assange is a hero.

You can read a lot about Wikileaks elsewhere. I just want to make one point here:

A lot of people seem to believe that WikiLeaks will compromise the safety of certain people/countries/agencies if allowed to do what it’s doing and so WikiLeaks is evil and should be shutdown. Here’s the problem with this argument – The idea of WikiLeaks is not to compromise the safety of people, the idea is to make govt. agencies so accountable that they never do stupid things in the first place. If we just look at what WikiLeaks can do in the short run – we’d all arrive at the wrong conclusions. In the long run, however, WikiLeaks can change the way governments work across the globe. WikiLeaks is not too different from the IMF watchdog agency “Bretton Woods Project”, it’s just one hundred times more effective and powerful. The information that government agencies are trying to hide shouldn't have been there in the first place...the lack of radical transparency / real watchdog agency is what allowed them to indulge in such conspiracies with the belief that they would be able to get away with anything...

Solution -  Forward looking government agencies that do not want to be embarrassed by WikiLeaks of the future have a solution that they can look forward to  – Government 2.0.

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