"Trust me — this is not your father’s federal government"

Governments 2.0 is redefining the Role of Government Agencies
From transportation to education to elections to law enforcement, the digital revolution is transforming government and politics, slashing bureaucracies; improving services; producing innovative solutions to some of thorniest global problems; changing the terms of the left/right political debate; and offering ordinary people access to a degree of information and individual influence until recently accessible only to the most powerful citizens. Make no mistake, today, tectonic shifts in technology, demographics, politics and economics are driving the next evolution of democratic government — a transition from monolithic government to Government 2.0 where pluralistic, networked forms of government will become the dominant organizational model for service delivery and policy-making.

Digitally enabled networks of public, private and/or civil society participants are already delivering or performing activities once the exclusive domain of single public agencies or institutions. Governments must follow suit or risk losing power, authority and relevance in a world where citizens are increasingly empowered to act collectively. 

Guiding Principles
The enabling force behind Government 2.0 is “Open value Creation” – which exhorts governments to co-innovate with everyone, especially citizens; to share resources that were previously closely guarded; to harness the power of mass collaboration; and behave not as an isolated department or jurisdiction, but as something new—a truly integrated organization. However, it’s important to understand that social tools such as blogs, wikis and social media do not automatically deliver public engagement. The conceptual models underpinning the participative web (i.e. horizontal vs. vertical; iterative vs. sequential; open vs. proprietary; multiple vs. binary) are more powerful, and of wider application, than the tools themselves. 

Goldmine of Opportunities
Here's how Techcrunch describes the goldmine of opportunities in gov2.0 - "What is happening with the opening up of government data is nothing less than a silent revolution. There are literally thousands of new opportunities to improve government and to improve society—and to make a fortune while doing it. Unlike the Web 2.0 space, which is overcrowded, Gov 2.0 is uncharted territory: a new frontier to explore, grow things on, and settle on.  It’s fresh soil for unlikely seedling ideas that, if they take root, could lead to very successful ventures.  It’s a space where companies should claim their stake as soon as they can."

Don Tapscott (Don - excuse me for picking up stuff from one of your articles word-by-word. I couldn't have written it any better.)

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