Grand Scheme of Things - My Take

I needs a lot more work. Have been working on it for a while....and wanted to share it here...

"Trust me — this is not your father’s federal government"

Governments 2.0 is redefining the Role of Government Agencies
From transportation to education to elections to law enforcement, the digital revolution is transforming government and politics, slashing bureaucracies; improving services; producing innovative solutions to some of thorniest global problems; changing the terms of the left/right political debate; and offering ordinary people access to a degree of information and individual influence until recently accessible only to the most powerful citizens. Make no mistake, today, tectonic shifts in technology, demographics, politics and economics are driving the next evolution of democratic government — a transition from monolithic government to Government 2.0 where pluralistic, networked forms of government will become the dominant organizational model for service delivery and policy-making.