The State of Inbound Marketing

Here's an interesting report by HubSpot on the state of Inbound Marketing. Key take-aways:

  • Inbound marketing channels deliver a dramatically lower cost-per-sales lead than outbound channels
  • Blogs lead other social media categories in terms of importance to business
  • Small businesses are most aggressively allocating lead generation budgets to blogging, social media and search engine optimization


  1. There is no doubt the buzz around Social Marketing is great. I also believe in Inbound marketing. Even companis such as Rediff has moved from ad based revenue to subscripton based revenue - the gut of which they think is putting in interesting content on website. If you have credible and interesting content, traffic would follow(This is analogous to LinkBait in Search Engine Optimization). Taking that argument for products in the market, if your product is solving a prevalent problem, customers would follow. As u rightly pointed out, this is inbound marketing, which is much less expensive than outbound marketing.

  2. One thing to keep in mind is that Inbound Marketing only solves the problem of driving qualified traffic to your site. You still need to convert those visitors to paying customers which will require some kind of outbound engagement such as drip email marketing.