A lost business idea

A lost business idea:
Found this interesting quote on eMarketer blog -

“Naturally occurring conversations will be utilized in product innovation and design, and companies will create incentives for people's attention and engagement while repurposing and analyzing content and engagement in new ways that will deliver valuable input.”
Ravit Lichtenberg, founder and chief strategist, Ustrategy.com, in an article in ReadWriteWeb.com, December 11, 2009

It reminds me of a business plan that Surjendu (my classmate at IIMC) and I wrote in October last year. Our business plan was based on 3 ideas:
- capturing "naturally occurring conversation" using mobile platform
- incentivsing users to engage in conversations
- sharing business intelligence with companies who'd then use the info for product innovation/modification etc.

As it happens with most visionary ideas (huh!), ours was rejected by the business plan competition panel. I'm sure the panelists wouldn't have dared rejecting our idea if we had included this quote from a "founder and chief strategist". Too bad!!

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  1. We need not bother about getting rejected at this stage. One more step and we are ready to launch.

    To add to this, my idea also got rejected in second round but within one month, its being experimented in exactly same way by someone else! The idea moves. The movers change.