The Rise Of The Conversationalists

Recently Forrester updated its 4 year old Social Technographics® ladder with a new rung - Conversationalists. The inclusion of this new rung in the model has important implications for digital marketing plans that have been developed based on old Technographics model. Most digital marketers will have to now re-evaluate their marketing plans to see if their strategies are appropriately addressing the "conversationalists" or not. According to Forrester blog for interactive marketing professional, there are three key reasons for Interactive Marketers to care about Conversationalists:

  • 33 % of adults are Conversationalists. In other words, they represent one third of your online target audience.
  • By following Conversationalists, you get free consumer insights. Conversationalists are your customers and they are talking about you. Listen to them!
  • By communicating with Conversationalists, you embrace change.Interacting with your customers in an ongoing way, in a conversation, creates lasting learning on both sides.

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