There's no such word but I'm making a prediction that in 2010, someone somewhere will coin and use this word. huh! I love web 2.0. I can write whatever I want and get away with it too!!!

Here's my take on what DeTweetify will come to mean : DeTweetify will be defined on the lines of DeSeasonalize. Since Twitter activity sometimes produces spikes in sales/reputation/etc., you'd want to deseasonlize (or detweetify) your data to reveal the underlying trend!

Btw, it just so happens that a homonym 'DeTweet' does exist - see below (also see Urban Dictionary for similar fancy words)

On Twitter, the passing along the tweet of another with some degree of disapproval. It can range from strong (that’s a lie) to mild (there are exceptions or conditions). It shouldn’t be taken as impolite or unfriendly - it’s done in the spirit of twitterville - as a new way to participate in the conversation. Done by adding 'DeTweet' or 'DT' before repeated post.
I thought his tweet was untrue, so I'm DeTweeting it to let others know they shouldn't believe it.

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