Is Razorfish FEED09 really insightful??

Razorfish came up with its FEED09 report recently. I reported the bottom line from the report in my previous post. Here's some analysis:

If you take a step back and look at the findings, are they really insightful? I mean, isn't it common sense that people look forward to deals. Look at the popularity of or better take a walk in any of the shopping malls - you'll always find people flocking shops with the biggest deals. You don't need focused groups or cutting edge market research to figure that out. What's really insightful is that 65% people have reported that digital marketing influenced their purchase decision. That's a big number and should be a warning for people who are yet to embrace the power of digital marketing.

Here's an interesting take on FEED09 by Mike Moran of Biznology Blog

Why? Why would otherwise intelligent people find this simple idea repulsive? Well, I would posit that it is too simple. You see, there is so much theory and lofty philosophizing about social media's execution and impact, that when you get to the core idea of giving people a deal it sounds so...pedestrian. How dare people pare down the wonder and mystery of social media and online interaction to the idea that people want a deal. It can't be, can it? Yup, it can and it is.

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