Second Interview

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  1. Hey Neo, that seems very unfair! Considering how important this thing is for an applicant like us, this seems a very very shoddy way to treat an interview. There is only one explanation, (other than the fact that he is a complete jerk). Thy knew this was not the make or break step, and they will give a generic middle ground response to most people.

    I think you can get in on the strength of your application, but thats still no excuse for this sort of behavior from them.

  2. Hi Starwalker - Yes I wasnt expecting anything like that. I just hope that INSEAD gives more weightage to essays than interviewer's feedback. Let's see how it turns out. will get to know in 3-4 weeks. Hows it going for you. I see you have a very unique profile. That sure is a big plus.

  3. Hey Neo. I thought it unique too... till i started getting mails from other doctors applying for MBA with stellar scores.... ISB has 15-20 doctors in its present batch.... and considering we are competing for a smaller potential pie, the competition is tougher that you'd think......

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  7. not really. maybe it was a bad day for me or something. all the best to you.