Don't call the adcoms

Found this important tip on Clear Admit Blog. I never thought calling adcoms too many times could actually result in ding!!

Identifying ‘Red Flags’ in the Application Process

The Directors Symposium participants found that many of the markers of less successful students can be identified in the application process but are often overlooked - everything from numerous job changes in a short period of time to strange personal interactions or difficulty communicating. These signals should not be ignored, said participants. It may be useful to discuss any ‘red flags’ with other colleagues, to determine which shortcomings can be mitigated by other qualities and which should be reasons not to offer admission.

One red flag that is often ignored but should be taken seriously, said some symposium participants, is excessive contact with the admissions office. Termed “Hassler Syndrome” by one participant, extreme dependency on the admissions office may signal a lack of self-confidence that manifests itself as neediness. This trait may show up later in the learning environment, when the student is unable to contribute meaningfully to classes and work groups and becomes known as a “net taker”. The same person may be a drain on career services, unable to take initiative in a job search.

Although the article was aimed at the admissions community, this information is recommended reading for applicants to the top schools. At minimum, it should make applicants think twice before placing repeated phone calls to the admissions office!

Bob Ballot

I just sent my ballot for Bob nominees. Spent over 2 hours going thru some 50 blogs. I'm tired now but I had a great time reading these blogs. Some of the nominated blogs are just awesome. I'm really amazed at the dedication of these bloggers who take time out of thier busy schedules and write thier observations in such details. Great job guys. Keep it up!!!

BoB 2007-2008 Nomination

I just got to know that I'm one of the nominees for BoB 2007-2008 Awards. Well, guys I've looked at the blogs of all other nominees and they are really cool.

Thank you ClearAdmit for nominating my blog.

Wall Street Winners Get Billion-Dollar Paydays

Check this out guys!!. These top hedge fund managers make BILLIONs (not millions) of dollars every year.

Billion-Dollar Paydays - By JENNY ANDERSON

Hedge fund managers, those masters of a secretive, sometimes volatile financial universe, are making money on a scale that once seemed unimaginable, even in Wall Street’s rarefied realms.

One manager, John Paulson, made $3.7 billion last year. He reaped that bounty, probably the richest in Wall Street history, by betting against certain mortgages and complex financial products that held them...Click here!! for more.

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