MBA Admission buzz words

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Shing [verb, etymology: shit, ding]: to be denied admission at all schools applied during a particular year. If 3app doesn't get into INSEAD, he'd be shinged for the 3rd time.

MPAWS [acronym, pronounced '-em'pause', not to be confused with menopause]: stands for MBA Post-Application Waiting Syndrome. Term used to designate the idiosyncratic behaviors of MBA applicants during the admission decision period (ADP). Preliminary research has uncovered seven documented cases of MPAWS:

The Arrogant: overconfident during the ADP. First to post his impressive stats. Vents when he finds out that some have received interviews and he hasn't. When he gets dinged by his dream school, rants on the BW Forum that it's their loss and that he won't donate his future billions of dollars to them.

The Coaster: confident during the ADP. Usually works for a management consultancy or an investment bank, and has a GMAT score over 750 and GPA over 3.7 from an Ivy League school. Applies only to Harvard, Stanford and Wharton and is admitted to all 3 schools. Pretends to be a female on the BW Forum and gets a kick out of it.

The Frantic: over-reacts during the ADP. Reads all threads and MBA blogs on a daily basis. Tends to be the first one to ask whether someone has received an interview and tries to figure out whether there is a correlation between the submission date and the interview date. Insists on finding stats of other applicants. Frequently seeks advice from the Ask Sandy and Accepted threads. Re-reads his or her essays a few times during the ADP.

The Mute: silent on the BW Forum during the entire ADP, but upon acceptance writes his first post. Thinks that ADCOM are trying to match the profiles of applicants with posters on the BW Forum.

The Over-Achiever: asks inane questions during the ADP but still gets into the school of his choice. Extremely gullible. Gifted in technical areas yet clueless in performing mundane tasks. Known to ask if he can exceed the word limit by 5 words, if 1.5 lines can be considered as double-spaced, and if getting an interview is a good sign.

The Touchy-Feely: seeks emotional support during the ADP. Tends to bond with The Frantics and The Over-Achievers. Always writes words of encouragement on the BW Forum and on blogs. Likes to please others. When accepted, posts on the BW Forum that he can't believe he got in and that such school is his dream school.

The Comedian: tries to write funny material on his blog, but doesn't realize that no one is reading it.

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